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DLC Week of 4/15: A Day To Remember Pack 01

Rivals Big Adventure You and your Crew set off deep into Vocal Valley. Along the way, youre greeted with endless streams of Scale-Tons, challenging your musical prowess. Youre able to narrowly escape them, but standoffish locals have told you there is further danger beyond the valley. They speak ... Read more

DLC Week of 4/08: All Time Low and The Get Up Kids!

Get on your feet and jam to DLC from All Time Low and The Get Up Kids this week. Party Up Rumors of the Great Rivals Dragon lurking at its perch at Castle Bloodstone have reached your ears. This is the level of adventure you have been seeking all along, but any great bard knows that challenges... Read more

DLC Week of 4/01: Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear and Norma Jean!

This weeks DLC isnt an April Fools joke, its 100% real. Challenge Awaits On your journey to Cymbal City, youre ambushed by a ferocious family of Fret Flies and a monstrous evil dragon. Youve never faced a challenge quite like this before, but with your trusty axe, you manage to scrape your way... Read more

DLC Week of 3/25: After The Burial and AJR!

Welcome to Season 21! Enjoy DLC from After The Burial and AJR this week. Read more

Introducing Season 21: Player's Guide

Welcome to Season 21. Were going on a quest. Want to come with? Season 20 came and went; we hope you enjoyed looking back at the past 20 seasons of Rock Band Rivals and having a second chance at some rad rewards from years past. This season, for those willing to tackle a fantastical set of tri... Read more

DLC Week of 3/18: Between The Buried And Me and Children Of Nova!

One more week til Season 21. Lets get warmed up with DLC from Between The Buried And Me and Children Of Nova. Between The Buried And Mes song Alaska is the title track for their third studio album, which is critically acclaimed. All Rock Band players, regardless of preferred instrument, will e... Read more

DLC Week of 3/11: Flight of the Conchords and Jonathan Coulton!

Our first break week before Season 21 brings you some fun from Flight of the Conchords and Jonathan Coulton. Flight of the Conchords song Demon Woman was featured in their Season 2 episode Prime Minister. The song is a spoof on Devil Woman by Cliff Richard, and Bret and Jemaine sing about how Kar... Read more

DLC Week of 3/04: Goldfinger and Less Than Jake!

You cant have a throwback season without some nostalgic jams. DLC for the final week of Season 20 is from Goldfinger and Less Than Jake. American rockers Goldfinger took a dive into the ska sound with their 1997 album, Hang-Ups. Superman is the albums strong opening track and will strike a fam... Read more

Employee Spotlight: Alyssa McCallion

Hey buds, I’m Alyssa! AKA Aly Mac. I’m a Media Artist at Harmonix. I design marketing material for our games that informs and engages our audiences on social media, at press events and conventions, and on and off screen. Read more

DLC Week of 2/25: Amberian Dawn and Metric!

This week were serving up two powerful songs from Amberian Dawn and Metric. If youre an avid Rock Band fan, and an avid heavy music fan, youre probably familiar with Amberian Dawn. Dreamchaser dates back to the early days of the band, and an instrumental version first appeared as a Japanese bonus... Read more